$2006 Grassroots Motorsports Challenge

The Grassroots Motorsports Challenge celebrates low buck builders.  Cars are brought from all over the country which are built for less than $2000, then compete on an autocross track, drag racing, and Concours judging for ingenuity, presentation, and finish level.  It is a true builder’s challenge, and I’ve been competing since 2004.  Most of the cars I’ve built have been built by high school students- we use them as part of our home schooling education- it’s a chance for our kids to do hands-on projects and have some competition and fun at the same time!

If you dig a bit through this site, you can find more in-depth posts of some of the cars we’ve built.

Here are some scenes from the $2006 Grassroots Motorsports Challenge, and some of the cars that competed.  It’s truly a  great community of people who all have one thing in common- they believe they can build something, and then do!


$2006 GRM Challenge: